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NISA Medi Spa




  • Introducing Dp4™ by DermapenWorld – a groundbreaking leap in microneedling technology, promising unmatched results. This cutting-edge microneedling pen swiftly glides over the skin, creating millions of fine, vertical fractional channels up to 104% faster than its counterparts. Unlike traditional methods, Dp4™ ensures deeper penetration of topical nutrients by up to 80%, triggering a natural repair process that enhances collagen and elastin production, visibly addressing various skin concerns. This award-winning innovation surpasses dermal-rolling and fractional laser treatments, minimizing trauma to the skin and allowing it to focus on healing without collateral damage.

  • Discover the Exclusive Scar Treatment Setting – a game-changer in scar revision. Dp4™ stands out as the sole microneedling device with a dedicated scar setting and specialized protocols for treating deep, atrophic scars, ranging from surgical and burn contracture scars to striae and post-acne scars. With needle penetration increased up to 3.0mm, Dp4™ effortlessly and rapidly addresses body contours and thickened, fibrous tissue, offering unprecedented versatility in face and body treatments.


  • Achieve remarkable improvements in scars, stretch marks, and overall skin tone with the transformative power of Dp4™.

Booking Appointments
Appointments can be made by phone or text (587) 402-5774, for your convenience you can also book directly online. If you cannot find a convenient time using the online portal please call or text as there may be additional appointment times available that are not visible online.

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